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(Dioecesis Malolosina)

Suffragan of Manila
Created: November 25, 1961. Erected: March 11, 1962. Comprises
the civil Province of Bulacan and the City of Valenzuela.
Titular: Immaculate Conception, December 8.

Most Reverend
Born: September 11, 1946 in Quezon, Quezon. Ordained Priest: November
28, 1970. Consecrated Bishop: March 20, 2000. Appointed Second
Bishop of Boac: Feb. 2, 2000. Appointed Apostolic Administrator: Diocese
of Malolos: August 15, 2003.Installed Bishop of Malolos: August 5, 2004.
Bishop’s Residence
Malolos City 3000 Bulacan

Bishop Emeritus
Most Reverend
Born: January 11, 1931 in Caridad, Cavite. Ordained Priest: November
30, 1956.Appointed Bishop of Zaba Coadjutor Bishop c.i.s. and Apostolic
Administrator Sede Plena of Malolos: August 22, 1973.Ordained Bishop:
October 18, 1973. Bishop of Malolos by succession: December 15, 1977.
Installed: February 2, 1978.
Religious Catechists of Mary Convent
Sta. Isabel, Malolos, 3000 Bulacan

Bishop Emeritus of Kalookan
Most Reverend
Born: December 10, 1940 in Cotabato City. Ordained priest: December
23, 1963. Appointed Titular Bishop of Claterna and Auxiliary Bishop of
Malolos, July 03, l985. Ordained Bishop: August 22, l985. Appointed Bishop
of Iba, Zambales: December 29, 1989. Installed: March 3, l990. Appointed
First Bishop of the Diocese of Kalookan, Metro Manila: June 28,
2003; Installed: August 22, 2003.

Diocesan Curia
Diocesan Pastoral Center
Malolos City, 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-0326
Telefax: (044) 791-2680
Email: diocese_of_malolos@
Vicar General & Moderator Curiae:
Msgr. Bartolome G. Santos Jr., PC
Episcopal Vicars: Msgr. Andres S.
Valera, HP (Northern District);
Msgr. Adalberto G. Vergara, PC
(Southern District); Msgr. Luciano
C. Balagtas, PC (Western
District); Fr. Leocadio P. De Jesus
(Eastern District); Msgr. Alberto
Suatengco (For Clergy);
Fr. Manuel M. Manicad (For
Chancellor: Msgr. Pablo S. Legaspi
Jr., PC
Vice-Chancellor 1: Fr. Renato B.
Brion Jr.
Vice-Chancellor 2: Fr. Arnold S. Bungay
(Personal Secretary of the
Secretary: Ms. Mercy A. Gregorio
Office Staff: Ma. Cristina Glorioso
Messenger: Bruce Lee (Allan) Infante
Utility: Alejandro P. Oracoy

Malolos Matrimonial Tribunal
(Immaculate Conception Major
Seminary, Guiguinto, Bulacan)
Tel.: (044) 794-3740
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Judicial Vicar: Fr. Winniefred F.
Naboya, JCL
Judge Ponens: Fr. Miguel Garcia,
Defender of the Bond: Msgr. Garry
Noel Formoso, JCD
Notary: Ms. Laura Caluag

Commission on Temporal Goods
Tel.: (044) 794-3099
Trust Dept. Executive Chairman: Fr.
Elmer R. Ignacio
Vice-Chairman: Fr. Fernando B. Cenon
Commission on Cemetery & Columbary:
Fr. Dennis S. Cruz
Finance Dept., Oeconomus: Rev. Fr.
Teodoro F. Bulawit
Diocesan Finance Council: Most
Rev. Jose F. Oliveros, DD, Rev.
Fr. Elmer Ignacio; Fr. Teodoro F.
Bulawit; Msgr. Bartolome G.
Santos Jr.; Fr. Conrad Zablan;
Sr. Elenita Reyes, OP; Atty. Manuel
Gaite; Ms. Anita Castro;
Mr. Juanito dela Cruz

Treasury Department
Asst. Oeconomus/Chief Accountant:
Sr. Elenita Reyes, OP
Exec. Assistant/Human Resource Officer:
Mrs. Rosario M. Pengson
Cashier: Evangeline V. Veron
Secretary/Accountant: Christle Lim
Cashier Clerk: Cecilia Castro

Auditing Department
Internal Auditor: Fr. Conrad Zablan

Commission on Formation
Chairman: Fr. Prospero V. Tenorio
Director of Catechetics: Fr. Angelito
L. Caliwag
Dean: Sr. Mercedes Santos, RCM
Biblical Apostolate, Director: Rev. Fr.
Felizardo Rivera
Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement,
Director: Fr. Vicente A.
Cursillos in Christianity, Director: Fr.
Virgilio M. Cruz
Parish Renewal Experience, Director:
Fr. Avelino A. Sampana
Basic Ecclesial Communities, Priest-
0rganizer: Fr. Roger Cruz, CRS

Commission on Family & Life
Director: Fr. Dario V. Cabral
Coordinator: Bro. Antonio Juliano
Chair Couple: Edwin Lazaro & Josie

Commission on Liturgy
Tel.: (044) 791-1104
Chairman: Fr. Francisco G. Carson
Assistant: Fr. Norberto A. Gagui
Secretary: Luis Francis Tan
Treasurer: Fr. Virgilio Cruz
Masters of Liturgical Ceremonies: Fr.
Norberto Gagui; Fr. Gino Carlo
Herrera; Mr. Luis Francis C. Tan
Music: Fr. Allan Antonio
Church Heritage & Diocesan Museum:
Fr. Vicente B. Lina Jr.; (Archivist)
Fr. John Paul Avila; Fr.
Robert Mariano
Church Architecture: Fr. Eugene Cruz
Altar Servers: Fr. Gino Carlo Herrera
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion:
Msgr. Andres S. Valera,
HP; Asst. Chairman: Fr. Edgardo
Lectors and Commentators: Anthony
Ushers/Collector: Fr. Kent Andrew
Mother Butler Mission Guild: Fr. Romualdo
Apostolado ng Panalangin: Fr.
Ehersy Sulit
Lay Members: Mr. Jorge Allan R.
Tengco; Bro. Carmelo V. Cortez
Auditor: Miss Erlinda C. Pahati
Clerk: Mr. Marvin Dalag

Commission on Social Action
Chairman: Fr. Efren G. Basco
Coordinator on Ecology: Rev. Fr.
S. Evangelista III
Coordinator on Human Rights: Fr.
Edgardo de Jesus
Coordinator on Migrants: Fr. Vicente
Coordinator on Pontifical Missions:
Fr. Florentino S. Concepcion
Coordinator on PPCRV: Fr. Anthony
Asst. Coordinator for Jubilee Homes:
Fr. Mario Jose Ladra

Commission on Social Media
Chairman: Fr. Nicanor F. Lalog II

Commission on Youth
Director: Fr. Gener SR. Garcia
Tel.: (044) 791-0254
Lay Coordinators: Mr. Brian V. Antonio,
Mr. Abner Cruz; Norlando
de los Santos; Maritoni Suarez

Advisory Bodies
Board of Consultors
Chairman: Most Rev. Jose F. Oliveros,
Ex-0fficio: Msgr. Bartolome Santos,
Msgr. Andres Valera, Msgr. Luciano
Balagtas, Msgr. Adalberto
Vergara, Fr. Leocadio de Jesus,
Msgr. Pablo Legaspi, Fr. Elmer
Ignacio, Fr. Manuel Manicad
Rector of the Seminary: Fr. Emmanuel
I. Cruz, SThD
Chancellor: Fr. Pablo S. Legaspi Jr.
Vice-Chancellor: Fr. Renato B.
Brion Jr.; Fr. Arnold S. Bungay

Commission on Pastoral Care for
Priests (CPCP)
Chairman: Msgr. Luciano C. Balagtas
Members: Msgr. Bartolome G. Santos,
Fr. Alberto R. Suatengco, Fr.
Winifred F. Naboya, JCL, Fr. Alejandro
C. Enriquez, Fr. Carlos D.

Council of Priests
Ex-0fficio: Msgr. Andres S. Valera,
Rev. Msgr. Ranilo S. Trillana,
Msgr. Luciano C. Balagtas,
Msgr. Adalberto G. Vergara,
Msgr. Pablo S. Legaspi Jr., Msgr.
Bartolome G. Santos Jr.
Members: Fr. Elmer I. Ignacio, Msgr.
Albert R. Suatengco, Fr. Francis
Carson Jr., Fr. Teodoro Bulawit
Vicars Forane: Fr. Alberto M.
dela Cruz, Fr. Rolando F.
De Leon, Fr. Emmanuel V. Villacorta,
Fr. Candido M. Pobre,
Fr. Virgilio M. Cruz, Fr. Gerardo
Fortunato, Msgr. Filemon M.
Capiral, Fr. Rufino L. Sulit, Fr.
Edmar A. Estrella, Fr. Avelino A.

Commission on Clergy
Chairman: Msgr. Alberto R. Suatengco,
Members: Fr. Reynaldo Fernando
Jr., Fr. Expedito E. Caleon, Fr.
Rufino L. Sulit, Fr. Paul Samuel
Sunga, Fr. Roberto Mariano, Fr.
Emmanuel Cruz, Fr. Gil V. Cajurao
Jr., Fr. Rainnielle P. Pineda,
Fr. Jose Rodel Ponce

Commission on Temporal Goods
Chairman: Fr. Elmer R. Ignacio
0economo: Fr. Teodoro F. Bulawit
Members: Fr. Conrad Zablan, Fr.
Fernando Cenon, Fr. Eugene
Cruz, Msgr. Luciano Balagtas,
Fr. Rico dela Cruz, Fr. Coco Tibayan,
Fr. Federico Ramos, Fr.
Dennis Cruz, Fr. Lambert Tomas,
Sr. Elenita Reyes, OP
Lay Consultors: Fortunata 0’ Santos

Commission on Social Security and
Welfare for the Clergy (CSSWC)
Chairman: Msgr. Ranilo S. Trillana
Members: Fr. Cenon Dennis Santos,
Fr. Ramil Juat, Fr. Danilo Bermudo,
Fr. Arnel Camacho, Fr.
Roberto Mariano, Fr. Lito Rodriguez,
Fr. Francisco Matic Jr., Fr.
Narciso Sampana, Fr. Manuel
Anastacio, Fr. Reynaldo Rivera

Council of the Laity
Chairman: Ms. Josie Urrutia

Council of Religious
Chairman: Sr. Mary Elena Tuazon, SPC

Episcopal Vicar for Religious
Fr. Manuel M. Manicad

Organizations , Movements ,
Offices and Directors
Bulacan Vocation Promoters Executive
Diocesan Vocation Director: Fr. Alvin
Secretary: Sr. Liza del Mundo, RCM
Treasurer: Sr. Cyril Serencio, SDS
Mother Butler’s Mission Guild: Fr.
Romualdo C. Go
Adoracion Nocturna Filipina - Seccion
Coor.: Fr. Eric T. Bagay; Seccion
16: Fr. Proceso Espiritu
Marriage Encounter, Spiritual Director:
Fr. Conrado Zablan

Parishes and Parochial
Western District

Vicariate of the Immaculate
Vicar Forane: Rev. Fr. Gerardo A.
Malolos City (F-l580), 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-9352
Titular: Basilica Minore of the
Immaculate Conception
Team Ministry Moderator: Most
Rev. Jose F. Oliveros, DD
Rector: Msgr. Pablo S. Legaspi Jr.
Members: Fr. Romualdo C. Go,
Fr. Gino Carlo B. Herrera
Bishop’s Sec.: Fr. Arnold S. Bungay
Barasoain (F-1859), Our Lady of Mt.
Carmel Parish, Barasoain, Malolos
City 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 793-4340; 794-4340
Titular: Our lady of Mt. Carmel,
July 16
Parish Priest: Fr. Dario V. Cabral
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Edgardo I.
Toribio Jr.
Mojon (1995) Malolos City 3000
Tel.: (044) 791-5901
Titular: Hearts of Jesus and
Mary, Feast of the Sacred Heart
Parish Priest: Fr. Rolando R.
Pamarawan (F-l979), Stella Maris,
Malolos City 3000 Bulacan
Titular: Stella Maris
Parish Priest: Fr. Conrado C. Zablan
Panasahan (F-1980), San Jose, Malolos
City 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-4460 / 791-2657
Titular: St. Joseph, March 19
Parish Priest: Fr. Nicanor J. Castro
Sta. Isabel (F-1859), Malolos City
3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-0448
Titular: St. Elizabeth, Queen of
Hungary, November 19
Parish Priest: Fr. Francisco G.
Neo-presbyter: Fr. Herbert Bacani
Alido (F-1994), Alido Heights, Bulihan,
Malolos City 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-1416
Parish Priest: Fr. Gil V. Cajurao
Maunlad Homes Subd. (F-2003), Maunlad
Homes Subd., Malolos
City 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 794-2350
Parish Priest: Fr. Arnel M. Camacho
Bambang (F-1963), San Isidro Labrador
Parish, 3017 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 760-5167
Titular: St. Isidore, May l5
Parish Priest: Fr. Norberto A. Gagui
Bulacan (F-1578), 3017 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 792-0233
Titular: Nuesta Senora de la
Asuncion, August 15
Parish Priest: Fr. Manuel M.
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Gary M. Clemente
Bulihan (F-2003), Bulihan, Malolos
City 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 794-6211
Titular: San Isidro Labrador
Parish Priest: Fr. Conrado R. Santos
Santissima Trinidad (F-2002), Santissima
Trinidad, Malolos City
3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 662-4147
Team Ministry, Moderator: Fr.
Gerardo A. Fortunato
Member: Fr. Arnold S. Bungay

Vicariate of St. Anne
Vicar Forane: Fr. Candido M. Pobre Jr.
National Shrine of St. Anne (F-1580),
Hagonoy 3002 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 794-5536
Titular: St. Anne, July 26
Parish Priest/Rector: Rev. Msgr.
Luciano C. Balagtas
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Menald D.S.
Attached: Fr. Juvenson Alarcon
Iba (F-1937), Iba, Hagonoy 3002
Mobile: 0915-460-6024
Titular: St. Anthony of Padua,
June 13
Parish Priest: Fr. Von V. Tetangco
San Jose (l951), San Jose, Calumpit
3003 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 202-5085
Titular: St. Joseph, 1st Sunday
of May
Parish Priest: Fr. Leonardo Espiritu
San Juan (F-1947), San Juan, Hagonoy,
Titular: St. John the Baptist,
June 24
Parish Priest: Fr. Candido M. Pobre
Sta. Elena (F-l941), Sta. Elena, Hagonoy,
Hagonoy 3002 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 793-1703
Titular: St. Helena the Empress,
May 4
Parish Priest: Fr. Jaime B. Malanum
Sto. Rosario (F-1952), Sto. Rosario,
Hagonoy 3002 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 794-5606
Titular: 0ur Lady of the Most
Holy Rosary, 1st Sunday 0ct.
Parish Priest: Fr. Quirico Cruz
San Pedro (F-l998), San Pedro, Hagonoy
3002 Hagonoy
Tel.: (044) 793-5259
Titular: Ina ng Laging Saklolo
Parish Priest: Fr. Arnel Alejandro
Paombong (F-1619), 3001 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-6838
Titular: St. James the Apostle,
December 29
Parish Priest: Msgr. Epitacio V.
Attached: Fr. Avelino G. Santos
Sta. Cruz Parish (F-2000), Paombong
3001 Bulacan
Parish Priest: Fr. Leopoldo S.
Evangelista III

Vicariate of St. James the Apostle
Vicar Forane: Rev. Fr. Avelino A.
Plaridel (F-1602), 3004 Poblacion,
Plaridel, Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 795-0242
Titular: St. James the Apostle
December 30
Parish Priest: Fr. Elmer R. Ignacio
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Daniel P. Sevilla
Dampol (F-l947), Plaridel 3004 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-9667/68
Titular: St.Michael the Archangel,
September 29
Parish Priest: Fr. Wilfredo A. Lucas
Parish of the Holy Angels (F-l999),
San Jose, Plaridel, Bulacan
Mobile: 0933-553-4801
Titular: Holy Angels (Quasi-Parish)
Priest In-charge: Fr. Teodorico L.
Pulilan (F-l749), Poblacion, 3005
Tel.: (044) 676-1294, 910-1233
Titular: St. Isidore of Labrador,
May 15
Parish Priest: Fr. Mario Jose C.
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Julius B. Faa
Peñabatan - Pulilan-Milagrosa (F-l992)
Mobile: 0919-587-9003
Titular: Miraculous Medal
Parish Priest: Fr. Federico T.
dela Cruz
Calumpit (F-1672) 3003 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 202-4327
Diocesan Shrine of St. John the
Titular: St. John the Baptist,
June 24
Parish Priest/Rector: Fr. Proceso
Attached: Fr. Roberto G. Lunod
Paroch. Vicar: Fr. Edward Pecson
Tel.: (044) 675-2587
Sto. Niño (Quasi) Parish, Sto. Niño,
Calumpit, Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 675-2587
Titular: Sto. Niño
Priest in-Charge: Rev. Fr. Vincent
M. Reyes
San Marcos (F-1971), Calumpit, 3003
Tel.: (044) 769-1557
Titular: St. Mark, April 25
Parish Priest: Fr. Eric T. Bagay
Guiguinto (1641), 3015 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 794-1764
Titular: St. Ildefonsus, Archbishop
of Toledo, January 23
Parish Priest: Fr. Reynaldo V. Rivera
Pastor Emeritus: Msgr. Roman 0.
Sta. Rita (F-1992), Guiguinto 3015
Tel.: (044) 794-0596
Established: May 22, l995
Titular: Sta. Rita de Casia
Parish Priest: Fr. Avelino A. Sampana
Attached: Fr. Francisco J. Vistan
Violeta (F-2003), Violeta Village (Tabang),
Guiguinto, Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 794-3955
Titular: Holy Family
Parish Priest: Fr. Isidro D. Rodriguez
Pulong Gubat (F-2005), Guiguinto
Tel.: (044) 760-6536
Titular: Nuestra Señora del Rosario,
2nd Sun. of 0ctober
Administrator: Fr. Jose Marcelo III
Sto. Niño, Sto. Niño Calumpit
Tel.: (044) 675-2587
Titular: Sto. Niño
Parish Priest: Fr. Vincent Reyes

Eastern District
Vicariate of St. Martin of Tours
Vicar Forane: Fr. Rolando F. De Leon
Bocaue (F-1582), 3018 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 913-9122
Titular: St. Martin, Nov. 11
Parish Priest: Msgr. Alberto R.
Suatengco, PC
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Jonathan C.
Attached: Fr. Reynaldo M.
San Juan Jr.
Balagtas (F-1621), 3016 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 769-4176; 769-4177
Titular: St. Lawrence, Martyr,
August 10
Parish Priest: Fr. Leocadio P.
de Jesus
Burol II (F-l984), Balagtas 3016 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 693-1579
Titular: St. Peter the Apostle
Parish Priest: Fr. Jose Cezan Pascual
Lolomboy (F-l959), Bocaue 3018 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 278-6594
Titular: Nuestro Señor Jesucristo
and St. Andrew Kim Taegon
Parish Priest: Fr. Vicente A. Robles
Marilao (F-1796), 3019 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 248-7432
Titular: St. Michael the Archangel,
May 7 and Sept. 29
Tel.: (044) 322-0487, 248-7432
Parish Priest: Fr. Albert J. Santiago
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Manuel N.
Meralco Village (F-l982), Lias, Marilao
Mobile: 0917-724-2148
Titular: Our Lady of Fatima,
May 13
Parish Priest: Fr. Rolando de Leon
Taal (F-l974), Bocaue 3018 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 720-5323
Titular: St. Peter of Alcantara,
0ctober 19
Parish Priest: Fr. Melchor R. Ignacio
National Shrine of the Divine Mercy (Fl994),
Sta. Rosa I, Marilao 3019
Tel.: (044) 248-7255
Titular: Divine Mercy
Parish Priest & Rector: Fr. Prospero
V. Tenorio
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Joseph DJ. Cruz
Attached: Fr. Roger Cruz
Panginay (198__), Panginay, 3016
Tel.: (044) 693-5157
Titular: St. Joseph the Worker
Parish Priest: Fr. Expedito E. Caleon

Vicariate of Sta. Maria
Vicar Forane: Fr. Edmar A. Estrella
Sta. Maria (F-l792)
Tel.: (044) 641-5123, 896-2179
Parish Priest: Msgr. Ranilo S. Trillana
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Renato B.
Brion Jr.
Norzagaray (1787)
Tel.: (044) 694-0664
Titular: St. Andrew the Apostle
Parish Priest: Fr. Flormonico A.
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Jose Protacio
S. Cortez III
Parada, Sta. Maria (F-1949)
Tel.: (044) 815-4321 loc. 601/602
Titular: Infant Jesus
Parish Priest: Fr. Anacleto C.
Pandi (F-1911)
Titular: Immaculate Conception
Parish Priest: Fr. Josefino S. Sebastian
Siling Bata (F-l981), Pandi
Tel.: (044) 815-4029
Titular: Sto. Cristo
Parish Priest: Fr. Francisco M.
Santos Jr.
Pulong Buhangin (F-1941), Sta. Maria
Tel.: (044) 641-1466
Titular: Our Lady of Mt.Carmel
Parish Priest: Fr. Edgardo C.
De Jesus
Parish of the Holy Family (F-2002),
Catmon, Sta. Maria
Tel.: (044) 641-3029
Parish Priest: Fr. Mauricio A. Lucas
Parish of San Gabriel (F-2001), San
Gabriel, Sta. Maria
Titular: San Gabriel
Parish Priest: Fr. Edmar A. Estrella
Parish of the Blessed Sacrament (F-2002),
Caypombo, Sta. Maria
Tel.: (044) 815-4291
Titular: Blessed Sacrament
Parish Priest: Fr. Jimmy Palaganas
Attached: Fr. Teofilo Rustia
Parish of St. John the Evangelist (F-
1998), Bagbaguin, Sta. Maria
Tel.: (044) 815-4322
Titular: St. John the Evangelist
Parish Priest: Fr. Nicanor F. Lalog
Quasi-Parish of San Isidro (F-2006),
Partida, Sta. Maria
Tel.: (044) 698-1461
Titular: San Isidro Labrador
Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Bernabe
Dela Cruz

Vicariate of St. Joseph
Vicar Forane: Fr. Rufino L. Sulit
San Jose Del Monte City (F-1751)
Tel.: (044) 307-0731
Titular: St. Joseph the Worker
Parish Priest: Fr. Reynaldo P. Fernando
Neo-Presbyterate: Fr. Rhandy
Sapang Palay (F-l967), Minuyan, San
Jose del Monte City
Mobile: 0927-875-8645
Titular: Holy Rosary
Parish Priest: Fr. Teodoro Bulawit
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Alvin Pila
Tungkong Mangga (F-l994), San Jose
del Monte
Tel.: (044) 815-2132
Titular: St. Peter the Apostle
Parish Priest: Fr. Rufino L. Sulit
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Irvin Hizon
Parish of the Sacred Heart (F-2001),
Francisco Homes Subd., San
Jose del Monte City
Mobile: 0915-883-9341
Parish Priest: Fr. Ronaldo A. Samonte
Parish of San Isidro Labrador (F-l998),
Muzon, San Jose del Monte City
Titular: San Isidro Labrador
Parish Priest: Fr. Jose Dennis A.
Parish of Christ the King, Area H., Sapang
Palay, San Jose del Monte
Titular: Christ the King
Parish Priest: Fr. Ramil B. Juat
Parish of San Lorenzo Ruiz (F-2001),
Pleasant Hills Subd., San Jose
del Monte City
Tel.: (02) 962-3972
Mobile: 0925-877-1214
Titular: San Lorenzo Ruiz
Parish Priest: Fr. Edmund D. Santos
Parish of Sagrada Familia, Area D, Sapang
Palay, San Jose del Monte
Mobile: 0922-869-9492
Parish Priest: Fr. Ibarra Mercado
Neo-Presbyterate: Fr. Carlo Mendoza
Parish (Quasi) of Virgen De Las Flores
(F-2008), Bigte, Norzagaray
Titular: Virgen de las Flores
Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Joselito Cruz
Quasi-Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Deca Homes, San Jose Del
Monte City, Bulacan
Mobile: 0922 364-8612
Titular: Our Lady of Guadalupe
Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Lazaro M.

Vicariate of St. Francis of Assisi
Vicar Forane: Fr. Emmanuel V. Villacorta
Meycauayan (F-1578), 3020 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 769-6487
Titular: St. Francis of Assisi, October
Parish Priest: Msgr. Adalberto G.
Paroch. Vicar: Fr. Jose Luiz Perez
Attached: Fr. Norberto F. Ventura
Binuangan (F-l971), Obando 3020 Bulacan
Mobile: 0906-604-9717
Titular: Nuestra Señora de Salambao,
Sunday after May 19
Parish Administrator: Fr. Ramon
C. Bernardo
Malhacan (F-l971), Meycauayan 3020
Tel.: (044) 840-7160
Titular: St. Isidro & San Roque,
May l5
Parish Priest: Fr. Jose Rodel R.
Retired Priest: Fr. Ireneo S. Empay
Obando (F-1754), 3021 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 294-5527
Mobile: 0916-555-7089
Titular: St. Paschal Baylon, St.
Claire and Our Lady of Salambao,
May l6, l7, l8 and 29
Parish Priest & Rector: Fr. Virgilio
C. Ramos
Paroch. Vicar: Fr. Cristopher Rivera
Neo-Presbyterate: Fr. Lou Salvador
Jess de Silva
Paco (F-l951), Obando 3021 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 293-1870
Titular: Holy Cross, May 3
Parish Priest: Fr. Emmanuel
Sto. Niño (F-1990), Meycauayan
3020 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 695-3190
Titular: Sto. Niño, Last Sunday
of January
Parish Priest: Fr. Narciso Sampana
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Menandro
Nabong Jr.
St. Bartolomew Quasi-Parish (F-1994),
Tugatog, Meycauayan 3020
Tel.: (044) 769-6364, (02) 377-
Titular: San Bartolome, Aug. 24
Priest In-charge: Fr. Lamberto
Our Lady of Fatima Parish (Heritage
Homes), Meycauayan, Bulacan
Tel.: (044)720-4066
Titular: Our Lady of Fatima
Parish Priest: Fr. Valentino T.
Banag Jr.
Muling Pagkabuhay Parish Lawa, (Meycauayan)
Mobile: 0926-722-2450
Titular: Muling Pagkabuhay
Parish Priest: Fr. Allan B. Antonio
St. Joseph the Worker (F-2000), St.
Francis Subd., Meycauayan
Tel.: (044) 323-0698
Titular: St. Joseph the Worker
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Benito B.

Vicariate of San Diego de Alcala
Vicar Forane: Msgr. Filemon M. Capiral
National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima
(F-l961), Karuhatan 1441 Valenzuela
Tel.: (02) 293-1211, 291-5609
Titular: 0ur Lady of Fatima,
0ctober l3
Parish Priest/Rector: Msgr. Bartolome
G. Santos Jr.
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Ramon Garcia
Gen. T. de Leon (l990), Karuhatan
1441 Valenzuela City
Tel.: (02) 292-1084
Titular: Holy Cross, March 20
Parish Priest: Fr. Danilo Bermudo
Attached: Fr. Jose Arturo Batac
Risen Lord (F-l994), 222 T. Santiago
Street, Viente Reales, Marulas
1405 Valenzuela City
Tel.: (02) 292-7529
Titular: Risen Lord, Easter Sunday
Parish Priest: Fr. Froilan R. Austria
Malinta (F-l975), Valenzuela City 1405
Tel.: (02) 292-6360
Titular: St. Isidore the Farmer,
May 15
Pastor: Fr. Ronald C. Ortega
Parochial Vicar: Fr. John Michael
dela Cruz
Marulas (F-l982), 1405 Valenzuela
Tel.: (02) 291-6177
Titular: Sto. Cristo, 1st Sunday
of May
Parish Priest: Fr. Apolonio G.
Roxas Jr.
Paroch. Vicar: Fr. Ronald Mangon
Maysan (F-l978), 1405 Valenzuela City
Tel.: (02) 292-5782, 292-5785
Titular: Our Lady of the Rosary,
May 11
Parish Priest: Msgr. Manuel B.
Paroch. Vicar: Fr. John Paul H. Avila
Polo (F-l681), Valenzuela City
Tel.: (02) 292-0965
Titular: St. Didacus of Alcala,
November 12
Parish Priest: Msgr. Filemon M.
Ugong (F-1996), Valenzuela City
Tel.: (02) 4444-4228, 4444-4229
Titular: St. John of the Cross
Parish Priest: Fr. Romulo M. Perez
Parish of Hearts of Jesus and Mary (F-
2001), Malanday, 1441 Valenzuela
Tel.: (02) 294-5026, 294-1831
Titular: Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Parish Priest: Fr. Gregorio Dazo
Parish of the Holy Family (F-19__),
Karuhatan, 1441 Valenzuela
Tel.: (02) 292-1895, 277-6488
Titular: Holy Family
Parish Priest: Fr. Samuel M. Sunga
St. Joseph Quasi-Parish (F-2000),
Valenzuela City
Tel.: (02) 983-9210
Titular: St. Joseph the Worker
Priest In-charge: Fr. Roman E.

Vicariate of St. Augustine
Vicar Forane: Fr. Alberto M. dela Cruz
Baliwag (F-l752), 3006 Bulacan
0ffice Mobile: 0905-344-1883,
Titular: St. Augustine, Second
Sunday of May
Parish Priest: Msgr. Andres S.
Valera, HP
Paroch. Vicar: Fr. Jerome Robles
Neo-Presbyter: Fr. Carlo Mendoza
Attached: Fr. Jesus G. Cruz
Angat (F-l682), 3012 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 769-1524
Titular: St. Monica, May 4
Parish Priest: Msgr. Angelito J.
Attached: Fr. Rafael D. Balite Jr.
Bustos (F-l867), 3007 Bulacan
Mobile: 0933-566-8853
Titular: Infant Jesus, 3rd Sunday
of February
Parish Priest: Fr. Javer M. Joaquin
Liciada (F-1981), Bustos 3007 Bulacan
Titular: San Isidro Labrador,
May 15
Parish Priest: Fr. Jeffrey Zuñiga
Makinabang (F-1941), Baliuag 3006
Titular: Our Lady of the Most
Holy Rosary, 0ctober 7
Parish Priest: Fr. Winiefred F.
Niugan (F-l941), Angat 3012 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 671-3089
Titular: St. Paul the Apostle,
January 25
Parish Priest: Fr. Jose Jay Santos
San Rafael (F-1758), 3008 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 902-0336
Titular: St. John of God, Last
Sunday of April
Parish Priest: Fr. Alejandro C. Enriquez
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Ehersey Giovanni
Sto. Cristo Parish (F-2002), Caingin,
San Rafael 3008 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 816-6607
Titular: Sto. Cristo
Parish Priest: Fr. Arnelio R. Tibayan
Sabang (F-l992) (E-l994), Baliwag
3006 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 766-2756
Titular: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Parish Priest: Fr. Roberto Mariano
Doña Remedios Trinidad (F-l989), 3009
Tel.: (044) 833-1016
Titular: Nuestra Señora de Lourdes,
Feb. 11
Parish Priest: Fr. Nap A. Baltazar
Tangos, Baliwag 3006 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 673-0874
Titular: Sagrada Familia
Parish Priest: Fr. Ventura P. Galman
Virgen De Las Flores, Baliwag (F-2005),
3006 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 766-7505; 816-6176
Titular: Mahal na Birheng de las
Parish Priest: Fr. Danilo V.
Sta. Maria
Sta. Rita de Casia Parish, Binagbag,
Angat 3012 Bulacan
Mobile: 0927-395-9777
Titular: Sta. Rita de Casia
Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Rodolfo M.
Immaculate Conception (Quasi) Parish,
Concepcion, Baliuag, Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 766-0341
Titular: Immaculate Conception
Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Leon G. Coronel
Sto. Cristo Quasi Parish, Sto. Cristo,
Pulilan, 3005 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 731-0950
Titular: Sto. Cristo
Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Alberto M.
dela Cruz

Vicariate of St. Michael the Archangel
Vicar Forane: Fr. Virgilio M. Cruz
San Miguel (F-1725), 3011 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 762-0172
Titular: St. Michael the Archangel,
May 8
Parish Priest & Vicar Forane: Fr.
Virgilio M. Cruz
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Mario Evangelista
Diocesan Shrine of the Sacred Heart,
Cruz na Daan (F-l935), San Rafael,
Mobile: 0932-232-8560
Titular: Sacred Heart of Jesus,
June 13
Parish Priest/Rector: Fr. Vicente
B. Lina Jr.
Pinaod (F-l976), San Ildefonso 3010
Titular: Sacred Heart of Jesus,
January 1
Parish Priest: Fr. Federico M. Ramos
Salacot (F-1970), San Miguel 3011
Tel.: 896-1711
Mobile: 0925-599-5990
Titular: Sacred Heart of Jesus,
April 23
Parish Priest: Fr. Leonardo R.
San Ildefonso (F-1885) Poblacion,
San Ildefonso 3010 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 326-2876
Titular: St. Ildephonsus, Jan. 23
Parish Priest: Fr. Cenon Dennis
Paroch. Vicar: Fr. Joseph Fidel Roura
Sibul (F-1941), San Miguel 3011
Mobile: 0912-306-1150
Titular: Our Lady of Remedies,
April 24
Parish Priest: Fr. Jose Rodolfo
San Jose Esposode Maria (F-l999), San
Jose, San Miguel, Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 764-0176
Titular: San Jose Esposo de Maria,
April 24
Parish Priest: Fr. Norman J. Baldoz
Sto. Rosario Parish, Malipampang (F-
2006) 3010 San Ildefonso
Mobile: 0917-557-6504
Titular: Sto. Rosario, Feb. 22
Parish Priest: Fr. Dennis Cruz
Gabihan (2008), San Ildefonso
Titular: Most Holy Eucharist
Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Felizardo
Neo-Presbyter: Fr. Sean M. Tiongson

Diocesan Clergy With No
Parish Assignment
Seminary Personnel
Immaculate Conception Major Seminary
Tel.: (044) 794-0121
Rector: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel I.
Cruz, SThD
Theology Dept. - Tel.: (044) 794-
Dean of Studies: Fr. Emmanuel I.
Cruz, SThD
Prefect of Discipline: Fr. Rainnielle
P. Pineda, BS Bio.
Spiritual Director: Fr. Ronaldo
Professor: Msgr. Sabino Vengco
Jr., STD
Philosophy Dept. - Tel.: (044) 794-
Dean of Studies: Fr. Jose Adriand
Emmanuel Layug
Prefect of Discipline: Fr. Fernando
B. Cenon, Fr. Michael G. Antonio
Spiritual Director: Fr. Danielito
C. Santos, Fr. Eugene Cruz
Procurator: Fr. Ulysses S. Reyes
Tel.: (044) 690-0015

Special Pastoral Formation Year (SPFY)
Director: Fr. Kent Andrew Apeña
Immaculate Conception Propaedeutic Year
Tel.: (044) 690-0770, 794-0698
Prefect of Discipline: Fr. Carlos
Spiritual Director: Fr. Rolando A.
Immaculate Conception Minor Seminary
Tel.: (044) 794-0040
Rector: Rev. Fr. Sonny U. de Armas
Spiritual Director: Fr. Oscar
C. Duran
Prefect of Discipline: Fr. Anthony
Principal’s 0ffice: 794-0040

With Other Assignment
Provincial Jail and Hospital, Emmaus
House of Apostolate, San Agustin,
Malolos City 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-0269
Chaplain: Fr. Ricardo M. Moraga
Galilee Home Rehabilitations Center,
Doña Remedios Trinidad 3009
Chaplain: Fr. Joshua Panganiban
Tribal Minorities
Fr. Nap A. Baltazar
Our Lady of Fatima Hospital
Hospital Chaplain: Fr. Angelito
L. Caliwag
Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS)
Diocesan Director: Fr. Florentino

Priests Abroad
Fr. Maximino dela Cruz, Fr. Alfredo
Fajardo, Fr. Jesus G. Tantoco,
Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez,
Fr. Roberto Ignacio, Msgr. Emmanuel
G. Manahan, Fr. Antonio
Rigonan, Fr. Danilo Valino,
Fr. Joselito Tiongson, Fr.
Juan Jose L. Buencamino, Fr.
Romeo Dionisio, Fr. Eduardo T.
Bernardino, Fr. Arsenio Tuazon,
Fr. Rosendo Manalo Jr., Fr. Oliver
Ortega, Fr. Ruel Arcega

Priests from Other Dioceses
Fr. Lorenzo Hallare, Msgr. Pacifico

Retired Priests
Most Rev. Cirilo R. Almario Jr., Msgr.
Roman Nocon, Msgr. Pablo
Reyes, Msgr. Vicente Manlapig,
Fr. Bartolome Bernabe,
Fr. Ireneo
Empay, Fr. Celerino Gregorio,
Fr. Jose Miguel Paez, Msgr.
Enrico S. Santos, Fr. Rodrigo S.
Samson, Fr. Sancho Ramos, Fr.
Erasmo Lapig

Fr. Fernando Placibe, Fr. Jesus
Cruz, Fr. Teodulo Esguerra

On Leave
Fr. Danilo R. delos Reyes

Study Leave
Fr. Ariel Robles (USA), Fr. Enrico
Crisostomo (Milan), Fr. Joselin
San Jose (Rome)

Institutes of Consecrated
Life/Societies of Apostolic
NOTE: Please see sections on Religious
Blessed Sacrament Fathers (SSS)
Brothers of Mercy of St. John of
God (FM-PA)
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC)
Figli del’Amore Misericordioso (FAM)
Monfort Missionaries (SMM)

Augustinian Contemplative (OSA)
Dominican Nuns of Perpetual Adoration
(OP) (Contemplative)
Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of
Mt. Carmel Ancient Observance
(OCarm) (Contemplative)
Sisters of the Divine Shepherd (SDS)
Congregation of the Dominican Sisters
of St. Catherine of Siena (OP)
Religious of the Divine Word (RDW)
Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph (OP)
Dominican Daughters of the Immaculate
Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of
Consolation (OSA)
Religious Catechists of Mary (RCM)
Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM)
Missionary Catechist of St. Therese
Notre Dame de Vie Secular Institute
Sisters of 0ur Lady of La Salette
Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit
Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred
Heart (SFSC)
Sisters of the Divine Mercy (SDM)
St. Paul Charters (SPC)

Diocesan / Parochial
Colegio de San Pascual Baylon (OP)
(Diocesan College), Pag-asa,
3021 Bulacan
Tel.: (02) 292-4534
Director: Fr. Virgilio C. Ramos
Colegio De Santiago Apostol (Parochial
School), Plaridel, Bulacan
Director: Fr. Elmer Ignacio
Colegio de Sta. Monica (F-1983) (Parochial
School), Angat 3012 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 671-1024
Principal: Ms. Norma R. Llarena,
Sto. Rosario Sapang Palay College, Sapang
Palay, San Jose del Monte
City, Bulacan
Director: Fr. Teodoro Bulawit
Immaculate Conception School for Boys,
(Diocesan School), Poblacion, Malolos
City 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-0288
Msgr. Pablo S. Legaspi Jr.
Immaculate Conception School of Malolos
(Metropolis), Longos, Malolos
Tel.: 664-1476
Principal: Dr. Elisa P. Ballesteros
Rector/Prefect of Discipline (HS):
Rev. Fr. Pablo S. Legaspi Jr.
Administrative Director, Immaculate
Conception School for Boys
& Immaculate School of Malolos:
Rev. Fr. Arnold S. Bungay
Immaculate Conception School of Malolos
(Main), Poblacion, Malolos
Tel.: 662-1620
Principal: Mrs. Josefina B. Villavicencio
Immaculate Conception School of Malolos
(San Isidro), Bambang, Bulacan,
Tel.: (044) 668-1475
Principal: Mrs. Corazon Natividad
Immaculate Conception School of Malolos
(Stella Maris), Pamarawan,
Malolos City
St. Anne’s Catholic School, Hagonoy
3002 Bulacan
Director: Msgr. Luciano Balagtas
St. Martin de Porres Catholic School
(OP) (F-1975) (Parochial School),
Norzagaray 3013 Bulacan
Tel. - School: (044) 694-1848
Director: Fr. Flormonico Cadiz
St. Martin de Porres Catholic School
(OP) (F-1919) (Parochial School),
Paombong 3001 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 665-0232
Director: Msgr. Epitacio V. Castro
Principal: Sr. Milagros Lugo, OP
St. Martin de Porres Catholic School
(OP) (F-1978) (Parochial School),
Guiguinto 3015 Bulacan
San Diego Parochial School (F-1983),
Poblacion Polo, 1444 Valenzuela
Tel. - School: (02) 444-0068
Principal: Sr. Mary Grace Gregorio
Director: Fr. Marcelo K. Sanchez
St. John the Baptist Catholic School,
Calumpit, Bulacan 3003
Tel.: (044) 675-1236
Director: Fr. Jose Rodel Ponce

Educational Centers
Assumpta Academy (OSA) (F-1965),
Bulacan 3017 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 792-1896
Coordinator/Principal: Sr. Heriberta
Catigan, OSA
La Consolacion School (OSA) (F-1967),
Balagtas 3016 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 693-2411
Principal: Sr. Ma. Esperanza Marasigan,
La Consolacion University of the Phils.
(OSA) (F-1937), Barasoain, Malolos
City 3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-1142
President: Sr. Imelda Mora, OSA
La Consolacion College (OSA) (F-1963),
Malinta, Valenzuela 1405 MM
Tel.: (02) 294 6089
Principal: Sr. Mercedes Rivera, OSA
Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos
(SSpS), Sta. Isabel, Malolos City
3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-0503
Principal: Sr. Minerva Lorica, SSps
Our Lady of La Salette, Mt. View
Subd., Muzon, SJDM, Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 893-0581
Principal: Sr. Leticia Valdez, SNDS
Sienna College of San Jose Del Monte,
Sienna Heights, Tungkong
SJDM 3023 Bulacan
Principal: Sr. Laurencia Dalwatan,
St. Dominic Academy (OP), Pulilan
3005 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 676-2162
Sr. Ma. Virginia Villanueva, OP
St. James Academy (OP), Plaridel 3004
Tel.: (044) 795-0120
Director: Sr. Adelina Buzarang, OP
Tel.: (044) 721-8704
St. Mary’s Academy (RVM) (F-1906),
Hagonoy 3002 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 793-0169
Director: Sr. Remy Villaraiz, RVM
St. Mary’s Academy (RVM) (F-1984),
Sto. Niño, Meycauayan 3020
Director: Sr. Ma. Ceferina Bodiongan,
St. Mary’s College (RVM) (F-1916),
Meycauayan 3020 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 840-2949
Director: Sr. Ma. Reinalda Sison,
St. Mary’s College of Baliwag (RVM)
(F-1912), Baliwag, Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 766-2265
St. Paul College (SPC) (F-1945), Bocaue
3018 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 692-4451
Director: Sr. Bernadette Racado,
St. Paul San Miguel (SPC) (F-1938),
San Miguel 3011 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 764-0349
Director: Sr. Helen Malubay, SPC
St. Paul School (SPC) (F-1967), San
Ildefonso 3010 Bulacan
Director: Sr. Rosario Piguing, SPC
St. Paul College (SPC) (F-1970), San
Rafael 3008 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 902-0497
Director: Sr. Victoria Lavente, SPC
St. Paul College of Sta. Maria, Sta.
Maria, Bulacan
Principal: Sr. Marie Celine Santos,

Charitable Institutions
Bethany House (Orphanage), Guiguinto
3015 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 794-0200
In-charge: Dominican Sisters of
St. Joseph (OP)
Emmaus House of Apostolate (Home
for the Elderly), San Agustin,
3000 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 791-0269
Chaplain: Fr. Ricardo Moraga
Caritas Malolos Diocesan Center,
ICSB Compound, Malolos City
3000 Bulacan
Director: Fr. Efren Basco
Nazareth Home for Street Children,
Bunga Menor, Bustos Bulacan
Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de
Porres/Street Children, Bonga
Menor, Bustos, Bulacan
T ahanang Mapagpala (Home for
the Elderly), Longos, Malolos
City, 3000 Bulacan
G alilee Home for the Youth (Rehabilitation
Center), Doña Remedios
Trinidad 3009 Bulacan
Chaplain: Fr. Joshua Panganiban
Hospicio de San Juan de Dios (Gratuitous
Assistance to long-term
psychiatric patients)
Brothers of Mercy, San Juan de Dios,
Igolot, Bocaue 3018 Bulacan
Mobile: 0917-840-1989
H ospicio de San Juan de Dios
(Women), Claro M. Santos St.,
Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan
Family of St. Francis de Sales (Hearing
& Deaf Association), Igulot,
St. John of God Counseling Center, St.
John of God Parish, San Rafael,
Bulacan (By Appointment)
Bethlehem House of Bread (Home for
the Malnourished Children), Little
Baguio, Baliuag 3006 Bulacan
Tel.: (044) 766-4977, 673-1437
Chaplain: Fr. Angelito Santiago
Bahay Pangarap (Center for Battered
Women), Tabe, Guiguinto, 3015
In-charge: Sr. Emiliana Bantique,
Tahanang Mapagkalinga Ni Madre Rita
OSA Coordinator: Sr. Eugenia

Other Listing
Diocesan Shrine of Mother of Eucharist
& Grace, San Vicente, 3022
Sta. Maria, Bulacan
In-Charge: Bro. Carmelo V. Cortez
Ilang Ng Carmelo Prayer House, c/o
Immaculate Conception School
for Boys, Camachin, Doña Remedios
Trinidad, Bulacan
Queen of Angels Monastery, Biñan,
Bocaue, Bulacan
St. Augustine Nuns (OSA), Monastery
of Good Counsel, Carmel
Farms, Purok 8, Tungkong
Mangga, San Jose del Monte
City 3023 Bulacan
Carmel of the Holy Family (0Carm)
Nuns, Tabe, Guiguinto,

Msgr. Feliciano M. Palma Jr., Fr.
Ricardo Mercado, Fr. Regino
Asuncion, Fr. Mario Mendiola,
Msgr. Macario Manahan, Msgr.
Mario DJ Arenas, Fr. Johann
Sebastian, Msgr. Jose Antonio
Galvez, Fr. Hilario San Juan


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